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Hi, I'm Emily.  I was born and raised in Portland, OR, went to college in St. Louis, MO, moved to New York to perform, got a job teaching acting in France, got married to a filmmaker and now live in Ireland.  Not a bad gig, eh?

I have always wanted to make my mark in this world through art.  I wasn't blessed with the skills to be an architect or mechanic, a doctor or pilot, but thankfully I was born with the bug of music and theater.  I come from a large family of talent, went to schools where my educators were fiercely driven and kind, and have traveled to places that have shaped my life in more ways than one.  I believe that art will teach, invoke, inspire and make change, and all I'm trying to do is be a part of the fun.  

Byron Grant, my college professor, friend and very wise man once told me, "Emily, why be nervous?  There are people out there that can do things that you won't ever be able to do.  But you've got something those folks will never touch.  So why not just go out there and be YOU."  In all my work, my teaching and living, that's what I hope to pass on...cheer on those around you, and know that you are enough.  Thanks, Byron.

Enjoy the site!  And give me a shout, let's work together!


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From Portland to St. Louis, New York to Normandy and now Ireland, my passion for performance has been an integral part of my life.  Coming from a musical family and graduating with honors from Webster University's Leigh Gerdine Conservatory for Musical Theatre, I have always felt at home on stage or in front of a microphone.  In 2006 I co-founded Dalliance Theatre Co. in New York where I had the pleasure of not only performing but directing and producing original works by various New York playwrites. Soon after, I started the first of 5 tour seasons with Theatre Works USA while continuing my relationships with New York and regional companies such as The Flea Theater, Theater Raleigh and Wreckio Ensemble.  I began teaching for Berridge Programs in 2008, where I developed my private coaching practice which continued throughout the last 9 years in New York (please see my Coach page for more details).  Now in Dublin and Cork, I have partnered with Madra Mor Productions to further my career in arts development as well as continuing my path of performance and coaching.  



Emily Firth

Member of Actors Equity Association (USA)

Irish Mobile: 083 8757 803 - etfirth@gmail.com

Eyes: Blue/Green   Height: 5’8”   Mezzo/Belter



Pump Boys and Dinettes                                                                                Rhetta                                                          Theater Raliegh (NC)     Director: Tim Seib

A Christmas Carol (2007-2014)                                                                       Mrs. Cratchit                                             Theatreworks USA (NY)  Director: Kevin Del Aguila

The Horses In Central Park                                                                         Snowy                                                           Artistic New Directions (NY) Director: Paul Hufker

Me, Myself, I and the Others                                                                       Hangback                                                    The Wreckio Ensemble (NY) Directors: Kim Kressal/Dechelle Damien

Small Talk (Love No Evil)                                                                              Danielle                                                       Dalliance Theatre Company (NY) Director: Andy Ottoson

Kaspar Hauser (Workshop)                                                                            Ensemble                                                     The Flea Theatre (NY)   Director: Elizabeth Swados

HOliday movies (‘Twas the Night before…)                                             Movie Actor                                              The Flea Theatre (NY)     Director: Elizabeth Swados

The Hunchback of Notre Dame                                                                   Esmeralda                                                  Timber Lake Playhouse (IL) Director:  Brad Lyons

The Graduate                                                                                                     Mrs. Robinson                                           Timber Lake Playhouse (IL) Director: Chuck Smith

The Full Monty                                                                                                 Estelle                                                        Timber Lake Playhouse (IL) Director: Brad Lyons

Into the Woods                                                                                                 Witch                                                          Browning Theatre (MO) Director: Christopher Gurr

Lucky Chance                                                                                                     Lady Fulbank                                             Browning Theatre (MO) Director: Bruce Longworth

Nine                                                                                                                       Louisa Contini                                           Browning Theatre (MO) Director: Christopher Gurr

As Bees in Honey Drown                                                                                 Alexa Vere de Vere                                    Webster U. Stage III (MO) Director: Daren Leonard



La Fantome                                                                                                           The Girl                                                       Green Heart Productions (FR)   Director: Henry Ainsworth  

Prestige Jewelry Club                                                                                      Woman                                                         Framework Productions (NY)     Director: Steve Pierce 

Noon                                                                                                                       Woman                                                         Green Heart Productions (FR)   Director: Morgan McGowan

Anywhere Astoria                                                                                              Kristen                                                        Framework Productions (NY)   Director: Steve Pierce

Verité                                                                                                                      Eva                                                                Webster University (MO)             Director: Doug Finlyson

Quinn                                                                                                                      Missy                                                             Martin Productions (OR)           Director: Isham Martin



Faculty - Voice & Speech, Acting Techniques (2008-Present)

Berridge Programs - Normandy, France

Violations                                                                                                                                                                                  Dalliance Theater Company (NY)

Echoes                                                                                                                                                                                          Webster University (MO)

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind                                                                                                                       Webster University (MO)



Bachelor of Fine Arts - Webster University

*Graduated with Department of Fine Arts Honors

Acting: Steve Woolf, Byron Grant, Bruce Longworth, Kathleen Singleton, Gary Glasgow, Dale Moffit

Voice and Speech: Bill Lynch, Guy Molnar, Christopher Gurr

Movement/Dance: Dana Lewis, Gary Hubler, Ellen Isom, Liz Shipman, Debra Simpson, Kim Bozark 

(Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Laban, Masks, T’ai Ch’ai, Period style: Restoration and Elizabethan dance)


Special Skills

Dialects (Stage Standard, Standard British, Cockney, Standard Irish, French, Scottish, Polish, Southern, Mountain, New York); Basic gymnastics; yoga; piano; soccer; jump rope; hair and makeup; basic sheet music sight reading; stage combat (dagger, rapier, unarmed, stick fighting); Basic Ukulele

*Scary old lady voice!


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Singing is everything to me.  It's my way of coping, my way of processing and problem-solving and my way of healing.  I am incredibly lucky to come from a very warm, loving, talented family who have supported my life in the arts world from the beginning.  I went to Grant High School - a public school in Portland where there wasn't exactly a ton of money invested in the arts but certainly no shortage of passion, creativity and strong teaching in both music and theater.  Choir was like my daily meditation, and there's no doubt it was a launch pad for my future as a performer.

The Firth Sisters - My sister Kelli and I have been singing together our whole lives, but it wasn't until we were both settled in NY that we started looking at the idea of The Firth Sisters.  Our goal was simple: sing and make ourselves and those around us happy.  We are passionate about harmony, and will sometimes spend hours drilling, reshaping a single phrase in a song until we get the sound we want.  In 2007 we were fortunate enough to back Mishal Moore in her solo album Bleed Out, and most recently opened for her band We Are Baker in New York's Rockwood Music Hall.  Outside of our own shows, we've performed for weddings, corporate events, private parties, theater openings, etc.  Whether it's making Michael Jackson's Thriller into a folk song, turning Smashing Pumpkin's Bullet with Butterfly Wings to cool jazz, or covering a Disney favorite during your wedding processional, we love taking on new songs to rearrange and happily accept the challenge!  Our videos can be seen here!

Click here to see The Firth Sisters website

Click here to see The Firth Sisters website

... exquisite gusts of intricate, effortless harmony; as organic as it was ethereal. The alchemy of setting, sound and sweet, offhand virtuosity was intoxicating. I mean, they were good!
— Barry Singer | The Huffington Post
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Laban Technique | Berridge Programs | Normandy, France

Laban Technique | Berridge Programs | Normandy, France

What I offer...

  • Audition Technique

  • Reel/Audition Reader

  • Reel Producer

  • Public Speaking

  • Group/Team Building

  • Online Skype/FaceTime Sessions

  • Monologue Coaching

  • Character Development

  • Dialect Work

  • Voice Lessons

  • Vocal Production

  • Song Selections/Cuts

Acting Technique | Berridge Programs | Normandy, France

Acting Technique | Berridge Programs | Normandy, France

Emily was so adept at recognising when my emotion was produced and gave me the tools to access my authenticity. I experience this not only during acting exercises, but also while singing. She taught me that a song can have the same dynamics as a monologue and deserves just as much attention. She gave me a platform to grow as an artist.
— Kelly Burdge | Student | New York, NY
I have always had a passion for singing and never had any confidence to even be heard, let alone perform in front of people.  But working with Emily changed all that.  She taught me to believe in my own ability.  My range improved instantly while working with her, purely because of her enthusiasm and attention to detail.  Her lessons were fun and exciting as well as hard work. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to Emily, one of the best teachers and people I’ve ever met.
— George Towersey | Student | Oxford, England

In 2008, my career shifted abroad to Normandy, France where I began teaching Acting Techniques and Voice & Speech for Berridge Programs, where I still teach each summer to this day.  I am a firm believer in the idea that there is no single way to acting, and certainly no "right" way to act.  I feel it is my job as a teacher to allow each student's inherent strengths, tools and instincts to come forward and "fill their tool belt" so that the choices they make on stage or behind a camera can be expressed through truth and action.  I often focus on breath, physical action and intention as well as engaging in each character's given circumstances, but most important, I believe in the power of the imagination!  My course at Berridge is described: "Gain truth in your acting and perfect the skill of being 'in the moment'.  Free your voice, imagination and physicality as you discover how to connect with your objectives more fully and make strong, active choices."

From 2009 to 2016 I developed my private coaching in New York with students of all ages for a variety of performance needs such as college audition guidance, dialect coaching, public speaking, song repertoire and voice lessons.  I've most recently partnered up with Brian Benjamin Dwyer and Madra Mor Productions in 2016 where we offer a multitude of services from Video Production, Corporate Training, Photography and more.    

Emily is an incredibly gifted teacher and coach. She knows how to give nurturing guidance that inspires you to seize your potential. No time for feeling defeated or hopeless with Emily- she will lead you past the quicksand of self doubt and learn to let go of fears and habits that do not serve you. Emily helped me find my voice and unearth the courage to be bold, daring, and vulnerable. She is full of grace in the truest sense, and I would leap at any chance to work with her again.
— Ariel Seidman-Wright | Actor/Singer/Dancer | New York, NY
Monologue Coaching | Berridge Programs | Normandy, France

Monologue Coaching | Berridge Programs | Normandy, France

Voice & Speech | Berridge Programs | Normandy, France

Voice & Speech | Berridge Programs | Normandy, France







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